My two beautiful sisters💕 leaving you both is absolutely heartbreaking but I know y’all can take care of eachother without me😛 I love you both endlessly and I will see you lovely ladies soooon👭🌻💟 (at 😍😍)

Tropical Bliss ☼



do you know what literally drives me up the fucking wall?


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nobodytoseelordewith said: Ok Ella, I have a problem. I have two tickets to your concert in Philadelphia on Friday, but the person who I was supposed to go with backed out. I've tried dozens of other people but everyone has "plans." So I'm putting all my trust in you to find me a date to your concert by Friday. I EVEN MADE A TUMBLR FOR THIS SO PUT IN YOUR BEST EFFORT. Thanks -Bobby


alright guys and girls, this is bobby. he’s gonna be in philadelphia and he needs someone to dance with and i’ve never met him but let’s face it, he’s probably brilliant. DON’T LET US DOWN. <3